Jolene graduated from Iowa State University with a BFA in interior design. Soon after graduation, she left her home state to move to warmer weather; she settled in Newport Beach, CA to work for Gensler. While at Gensler she was a technical designer for large corporate clients. In between her designer duties she also became a CID. After leaving Gensler to join the Gettys, a hospitality design firm located in Irvine, she added more appellations and became a LEED AP. She then decided to change directions in her career and accepted a sales position with Coalesse. During her 4 years at the company, she tackled both the sales as well as design. Ready for a change, she decided to move to LA where she joined HBF and HBF Textiles. While at HBF, she met Courtney LaVoie; they decided to join forces and form Parallel.






Born and raised in Northern Minnesota, Courtney was drawn to design at a young age. She decided to turn her passion into a career by attending design school. After graduating with a BS degree in Interior Design, Courtney started her career path in residential sales at Holly Hunt. In 2011, she followed her passion for design to Southern California and took a position as a Sales Representative at KnollTextiles. Looking to further diversify her skill set and serve a broader client base she accepted an A&D Manager position at HBF and HBF Textiles. It was at HBF that she met and worked alongside Jolene Kraus. Seeing an opportunity to provide significant value to the architecture and design community, the two decided to combine their talents and form Parallel. The interaction with designers, touching all market segments, and providing the right furniture and textile solutions is what gets Courtney excited to come to work every day!